Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Picasa Web Update

Good news! I can now download my photos from Picasa Web which were previously being truncated!

I am a little concerned that I seem to be getting back some smaller files than I expected. In one case I was able to download a 2.6MB file using Web Albums on my iPad but only get a 1.46MB file from Picasa Web. However, I don't actually mind much because I can't see a visual difference and I'm glad to at least have a file which contains the whole image.

So now I can go back to using Picasa Web right? In a previous post I mentioned that I was sorting out my pictures locally and then intending to re-upload everything. I heard that it was possible to store photos in Google Drive and have them show up in Google+ Photos. This worked great to view the photos in Google+ but they didn't show up in Web Albums on iOS.

So I tried uploading an album using Picasa 3 and this seems to work fine :) Now I have to decide whether to delete everything from Picasa Web and re-upload everything or just try and identify the albums which I have actually changed.

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